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EDM Wire Eroding Facilities

Holford Group's recent investment includes The Agie Classic 2.


Using the new agievision control system networked to our Camtek PEPS CAM system, it is possible to cut almost any 2D or 2½D profile from customers own solid models, 2D files, or created by one of our team of engineers. With wire EDM we can efficiently cut through any conductive material regardless of hardness or machinability. Difficult materials such as Titanium, Graphite and Tungsten-Carbide can be machined as easily and accurately as more usual materials such as steel, brass, aluminium and copper. The agievision control system allows the machine tool to run unattended, maximizing production, minimizing man-hours adding value to customers parts through reduced costs, increased accuracy and consistency.

Typical applications include the manufacture of punches and dies for the pre-press industry, accurate cams, press tools, cores and cavities for mould tools, electrodes for sink EDM and more exotic component production.

Full specification of EDM Wire Eroding machines, as below:-

  • Agie Progress 2
  • Axis limits X350 Y250 Z256
  • Taper Angle 30°
  • Accuracy +/- 2um
  • Surface Finish 0.2 um
  • Camtek PEPS Cam
  • Orion DNC

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