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Strategy Objectives

Holford Engineering’s generic strategy map encompassing wholesome values and crucial elements required to obtain a profitable / stable business. 

Working on a 4 tier system each stacked on each other to form a supporting structure, the sentiment being a proactive conscientious approach to guide these variables using a KPI targets / upper and lower control limits expressed in a balance score card in the attempt to understand areas / perspectives of the company which are and are not performing enabling the company to adapt retaining / developing our position in the supply chain. 


  • Develop cost structure
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Expand revenue opportunities
  • Enhnace customer service
  • Cost effective / competitive processes / mahinery
  • Acquistion


  • Partnership / support / assitance / advice
  • Performance / reliability
  • Quality / price
  • Retention / service / development
  • Personal relationship / attention to requirements and demands
  • Can we offer more approach


  • Operations management
  • Customer support
  • Innovation R&D
  • Environment / Efficiency
  • Health & Safety


  • Employee training / qualifications
  • Skilled emploees at market conditions
  • Investments / methodolgy / techniques
  • Hardware /  software
  • Cummunity  apprentice / graduate schemes
  • Branding / image

The balance score card is also part of this composition, our mission statement gives annual purpose, the strategy map lays out the criteria and the KPI’s give the criteria you wish to assess a unit of measure with control limits. Finally the balance score card shows a summary of performance aiding in route cause analysis.

This card can be grown as KPI’s are added to elements of perspective and either assessed monthly or summarised quarterly.

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